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How has photography impacted your life? What makes a photograph deeply emotive?

The power of a well crafted image cannot be underestimated. PhotoZen is the visual creative arm of Dana Nöllsch. Dana’s eye for beauty and emotion has been honed through years of working in the photography industry. Award winning and widely published, Dana offers this glimpse into his creative soul. Open and transparent, his work speaks for itself. An image that flows as easy as a river, deep and wide with the power of pure emotion. Enjoy..



Remember a time when you have been inspired by a photograph. What does stunning imagery communicate to your customers and clients? PhotoZen has been discovering stunning imagery everywhere for several decades. With our experience, zen perception, and technical knowledge of both photography and business, PhotoZen helps create that abundance you desire in your business.



How does an image captured in empathetic rapture help you re-live the powerful and beautiful memories of your life? How can those images showcase and document your life? When a photographer is truly in the moment and feeling the emotions of those around him/her, bringing that experience into the form of a fine photograph is PhotoZen.



When was the last time you had a learning experience that you will remember for the rest of your life? Do you remember the teacher who taught you, and infused the teaching with sensory and emotional wisdom? Imparting knowledge, skills, and wisdom learned over decades of work and practice is what teaching is about. We offer more than technical aspects of how to work a camera or compose an image, we share with you the Zen of all we are.

The PhotoZen Advantage

Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

We know you want to look good and our passionate and experienced team knows how to do that.
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Fine Art

Fine Art

Line and Curves.. Shadows and Light.. Simple elements that when combined with creativity, skill, and soul, make an image that will stir the senses and touch the heart..



The complexity of our existence shows in the way we hold ourselves. The essence of who we are can be seen in our expressions..



Communication is the essence of commercial imagery. This is the way to share your message, with images, telling your compelling story..



Video is the storytelling media in the modern world. The clever use of video adds that dynamic flair to the message we wish to convey..

Our Focus and Services

The knowledge and creativity PhotoZen offers is affordable and approachable for everyone. Offering fine art prints, custom photo sessions, product image development, and more.

Portrait Photography..

..capturing the true essence of you, this is what we do. Portraiture is our specialty.

Special Events..

..Weddings, Parties, Brisses.

Product Photography..

..show your creations and wares at their best.

Fine Art Prints..

..bring Dana's vision to your home or office.


..Lines, shapes, textures and spaces, buildings are all that and more. We understand just how to capture the true essence of dynamic architecture, be it building or bridge.

Creative Projects..

..moved to bring new moments to greater awareness.

What You Think

  • Comfortable photo shoots, with a highly professional outcome.

    Leigh Hurst, Awake & Aging
  • “Dana is one of the most intelligent people I know, but you need a whiteboard to follow what he says”

    Mark, Reno Rocksport & Homegrown Crash Pads
  • Things happened, now stuff is pretty.

    People, after working with us.

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