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“Zen follows me in everything I do.” – Dana Nöllsch

Born and raised in northern Nevada, Dana has an uncommon perspective on the beauty of the region and its people. With a background in Architecture and Engineering through the University of Nevada, his artistic sensibilities are influenced by both design and structure.  Nöllsch begins with a general direction for each shoot, and allows his vision to be influenced by the energies of time, place, and participants, resulting in an intriguing interpretation of the subject.

Nöllsch’s work spans the realms of Photo-Journalism and Fine Art. Having great empathy for the human condition, Dana is well-known for his ability to bring both emotion and substance to his subjects, whether human, scenic, or architectural. His compelling photo essay of Tent City in Reno earned him the Nevada Press Association Best News Photo Coverage Award for 2010. His Fine Art Photographs hang in the homes of collectors worldwide.

Dana’s approach to photography reflects his life view:
“Zen is a matter of relinquishing the illusion of control, and embracing the reality of influence.”

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