Shooting Aggressively


In many situations to get the shot a photographer has no choice but to be aggressive but where do you draw the line?
Today I was shooting a graduation and my choice was to take liberties and perhaps disturb a few people in the audience. I was there to shoot just one graduate so I was able to be patient and stay back and wait for my time.

The Prime shooting location was obviously just for OFFICIAL shooters so I knew that was where I needed to be and luckily only for a few minutes. So getting close and crouching low I bided my time and luckily it all worked out. Kiley came up next in line and I moved it as if that was where I belonged pre focused and when she came up to get her diploma I was ready and got exactly what I wanted. Then as quickly as I went in I moved out quietly and all was good.

Was I being sneaky?, did I do something wrong? .. Well I was goal oriented and I did decide that what I needed to do was just what I did…. Wrong, Well no. I did enter a controlled area but I did not cause trouble and that I believe is the key.. no mater if you are official or an audience member be as invisible as you can while getting what you came to get.

I have been at events where the official photographers were in the way and very distracting. weddings are a perfect example. The photographer will get in the line of view of the audience and stay there shooting and shooting hoping that they get one photo that will work. This type of behavior is very embracing!

How I get away from this is, Find a spot out-of-the-way but very close to where you will want to shoot and get low and wait quietly observing the rhythm of the event. Pay attention and when the time is right get where you need to be and get your shots. The important thing to remember is when you get what you want, get back to your place and let the event take place without you.. YOU ARE NOT THE SHOW!

Remember to refrain from chipping. Check exposure and composition quickly and do not chimp in front of the action.
As photographers we have responsibility to do our jobs with skill.
Keep your eyes and keep your Heart open.. Namaste