Alchemist Theatre, Divine Feminine

Do you consider yourself spiritual?

How does your spirituality show up in your daily life?


The Alchemist Theater is a group of spiritual people, coming together to create a safe space to share energy and explore some of the challenges and gifts this life offers. Founded by Jessica the Jester Levity as a place to express her desire to celebrate the spiritual community, her monthly message is profound and entertaining. Adding the musical elements is Mark Emerson with his full band and choir, writing and arranging original music as well as bringing in music that is well known and loved, his angelic voice and inspirational band give the performance a flow and continuity. Reverend Divine (Christopher Daniels) rounds out the three principles of the Alchemist Theater, his energy and deep spirituality bring a punch to the message, this Mumu wearing, ginger haired, yoga teaching, flamboyant gay man is a delight with a deep spiritual message.


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The setting is a small theater in Midtown. Each month as the Alchemist Theatre celebrates spirituality at Good Luck Macbeth; the set changes as to the show that is currently running, this brings a unique dynamic to each of the performances. This month it was from the play currently running at GLM entitled Shiner here is a link to my thoughts on Shiner. ##Shiner##

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Every month; on the Third Wednesday, with special performances for July’s Art Town. this group of amazing entertainers come together to deliver a spiritual message. This month it was thoughts on the Divine Feminine. Exploring what the divine feminine means to me has been a part of my personal spiritual journey and I believe has been the catalyst of much of my spiritual growth.




Some of the highlights were Marks beautiful rendition of Ave Maria and Jessica’s sermon on the power of the feminine, bringing in her personal story in a very intimate way. But what hit me most on a personal level was Reverend Divine’s message of how men can embody their sacred feminine and find a balance of masculine and feminine within themselves.






The way that society wishes to portray the masculine and feminine was a common thread in the messages offered at this month’s Alchemist Theatre. This begs the question.

 How can we be true to ourselves when society is telling us how we need to be?

For those of us who do not easily fit into society’s roles, embracing a deeper spirituality the alchemist theater is a wonderful place to come and share time with like-minded people and experience a message that may open your mind to a different way of thinking or perhaps just offering the knowledge that we are not alone in our spiritual journey.


For more information on The Alchemist Theatre here is a link to their Website and Facebook Page

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