Dancing by the River, Sierra Nevada Ballet

Have you been entertained by the pure drama of dance?

Are you ready to lose yourself witnessing a performance?



While attending rehearsals for the Sierra Nevada Ballet; I had the pleasure of a a sneak peek of their performance of DANCING BY THE RIVER Tuesday night, July 14th at 8pm at Wingfield Park. Sierra Nevada Ballet director Rosine Bena and her dancers, choreographers and technical crew have been busy rehearsing and getting ready for this Artown Event



Witnessing the dedication and passion these performers exhibit is truly inspiring. One cannot help but feel that when the performers are on stage they are truly at home. The attention to detail and care in the performance truly showed as I watched them rehearse.



What to expect when you see the performance Tuesday? The performers will be offering bits and pieces of many different works. This will give a variety of many different forms of dance and offer much entertainment. The action is fast and the energetic.



The costuming is energetic, the drama intense and there will be sword fighting as well. We will be treated to a few scenes from Romeo and Juliet presented from the point of view of Lady Capulet, Juliet’s heartbroken and often overlooked mother.



Ballet; wordless and powerful. What has struck me is just that, the power of the dance, but even more the power of the performance. The performers use their bodies, rhythm, emotions, and expression to convey the story in a way that may not be possible with dialog.

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For more information on The Sierra Nevada Ballet visit their website and like them on Facebook

###Sierra Nevada Ballet website###

###Sierra Nevada Ballet Facebook###

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