Good People at Brüka Theater

Do you have a lost love that crosses your mind from time to time?
Have you ever wondered about the road not traveled?

IMG_3787   My story starts out on a cold and rainy night, wait that is a bit cliché isn’t it? Well, that is what happened as I went to see Good People at the Brüka Theater for their media night performance. A soft rain accompanied me as I walked to the theater, cleansing my emotions and opening me for what I was about to experience.   IMG_2245   As I walked in I was greeted warmly and shown to my seat; noticing the set feeling a bit more expansive than usual. image3 As the play started and the actors fell into their characters I couldn’t help but feel the dark desperation in the air. The theme of responsibility and limited choices resonate throughout this wonderfully acted play. Showing the depth and complexity in the story, bringing up many personal emotions and taking me on a journey, this is definitely a ride that will bring emotions and contemplation to the audience.   IMG_3720 IMG_3695   IMG_3805 IMG_3771 The actors use accents and attitude to transport the audience to a place that is a bit surreal and a bit familiar. Touching on aspects of the human experience in ways deeper than we can realize in the moment, this experience promises to stay with you for some time to come.   IMG_3777IMG_3714 IMG_3726IMG_3809 IMG_3758 The theme of lost love and choices not made resonate throughout this play. There is also an undertone of transparency and deceit. Don’t get me wrong, this is a comedy and there are quite a few laughs as well. I have no doubt that your emotions will stir as you enjoy watching the actors weave this intricate story. What struck me most was the depth of conversation after the show. Sharing emotions and memories with my fellow audience members seemed to be a bit cathartic.     Excellently directed by Stacy Spain the troupe of actors made up by Holly Natwora, Kristofer Perry, Moria Bengochea, Evonne Kezios, Gary Cremeans II, and Nadia Mohamednur perform this play written by David Lindsay-Abaire with heart and emotion. Come see Good People if you want something more than just entertainment delivered to your lap, this is much deeper than that.

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