Laughing Owl Productions, Endgame

Have you ever wanted to exercise your existential mind?

Do you enjoy the questions more than the answers?


IMG_4617A few nights ago I had the privilege of attending the first production at Laughing Owl Productions. This is a small theater on Wells Avenue, and is the brainchild of Dave Anderson. Dave with the help of many others intend to produce plays that rely mainly on the spoken word. This small plain venue lends itself to simple sets that focus the attention on the acting and the words.
IMG_4578   Their first offering is Endgame by Samuel Beckett. This play originally premiered in 1957 and was written in a style known as Theater of the Absurd. Often times considered an existential comedy this four-person, one act play is at the same time disturbing and intriguing.

IMG_4569   The acting is superb; Scott Beers, Tom Plunkett, Chip Arnold, and Gillian Palmer are the cast of four that bring this play to life. As I watched this play I realized that even though the set was simple; in many ways the set is the fifth character. Tom Plunkett, who plays Hamm impressed me very much in this role that is very heavy on words and deeper meaning. Scott Beers playing Clov brings a feeling of desperation that is palatable and at times intense. As I watched and thought about how to describe what I was seeing I realized that this is a experience to have without clouding your mind with another’s observations

but to experience what is offered without preconceived ideas.
IMG_4565   I found Endgame to be very full of symbolism and a deeper meaning, but perhaps this deeper meaning is a bit ambiguous and very much up to the individual viewer to interpret the meaning in their own way, there are no easy answers to the questions offered. Considering this play is quite existential and full of deep symbolism I was surprised at how easy it was to watch. I left the theater wanting to know more about what I just experienced.

IMG_4578This first offering from Laughing Owl Productions is quite impressive in the acting and in the production. The theater definitely has a minimalist feel that in some odd way added much to this play.

IMG_4561I enjoyed my time spent in this theater very much and look forward to their future offerings and I am very curious as how this theater may expand and transform in the future.

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IMG_4589For more information on Laughing Owl Productions and show times for Endgame here are links to their Website and Facebook Page

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