Merry War Theatre Group, Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare with the Texas twist


Even though the show has not officially opened yet, I had the opportunity to watch a dress rehearsal. My experience could actually start with “it was a dark and stormy night” as there was wind, rain, thunder and lightning as the players played on.


IMG_6269This play has been done many times, written by William Shakespeare in 1598; Much Ado About Nothing is a very popular play, transcending time. Even if you have not seen this play before you will find elements familiar and if you have seen it before this rendition is well worth your time.


IMG_6339This time the Merry War Theatre Group gives it a Texas twist, with a motorcycle riding hero, and the cast that just loves to two-step. Performed outdoors, the players make great use of what the Lear Theater offers. This promises to be many very enjoyable evenings for all who will be enjoying this free production.


IMG_6397The language is of Shakespeare’s time and presented very well by the cast. The story, which many of you know, will keep your interest to the end, even if you have seen this many times before. The cast performs with passion and so much enthusiasm.


IMG_6536This is a love story with many players and many facets, with villains and drunkards and loving parents. Even with the arcane language and the complex storyline this is a very easy performance to watch and enjoy.


IMG_6581So get ready for a night or two sitting on the grass and enjoying live theater outside in the heart of Reno.


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    Much Ado About nothing
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Presented by Merry War Theatre Group and running from June 12-June 28, 2015   Fri-Sun.

6:30pm     This is a FREE offering..



  • Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare
  • Directed & Produced by Chase McKenna
  • Benedick.. Cameron Shirey
  • Beatrice.. Chase McKenna
  • Claudio.. Lachlan McKinney
  • Hero.. Ashley Hutchinson
  • Don Pedro.. Chadaeos Clarno
  • Leonato.. Michael Peters
  •  Don John.. Christopher Franklin
  • Margaret.. Cassie Moore
  • Borachio.. Brian Ault
  • Conrad.. Derek Miller
  • Dogberry.. Jessey Richards
  • Verges/Balthasar.. Owen Bryant
  • Antonia/2nd Watch.. Regina Powers
  • Ursula/1st Watch.. Megan Fielder
  • Friar Francis.. Jon Lutz
  • Sexton/Messenger.. Rachel Douglass
  • Stage Manager.. Alex Slater
  • Costumes.. Cassie Moore, Chase McKenna, Alex Slater – provided by Carolyn Wray/TMCC
  • Lighting.. Chad Sweet


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