Nada Dada 2015, Slowing But Not Done

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For nine years Nada Dada has graced Reno. “Get a Room, Make a Show” has been the motto and that means show what you have, no jury and very few rules. Taking place in Motels in what may be questionable parts of Reno brings an excitement to this creative event. This proved to be a successful model for a time, attracting thousands of visitors and hundreds of artists.



Creating this event year after year has not been easy. Not being sure of the venue availability until sometimes less than a week before the event happens, attracting talented artists, infighting from the leaders and creators of the event, and many other challenges has proven to make this event a labor of love for those involved.



For me, I have consistently enjoyed the inspiration of the artists and I feel privileged to have participated in and enjoy this event year after year.



Over the years, though there has been a decline in this event. One of the major factors in this was losing one of the premier locations, the El Cortez Hotel. To make up for the loss of the venue Nada Dada has expanded out to several other motels and even a location out on W. 4th St. ( The Wildflower). But this has not proven to hold the event together. Organizational infighting and spreading out the location has proven to be a challenge in recent years.


This year there are six locations: Wildflower Village Motel, Town House Motor Lodge, Morris Burner Hotel, Keno Motel, El Ray Motel, and this year it is also back at the El Cortez. Being back at the El Cortez is a shining light for the future of this event and if that relationship can be fostered perhaps Nada Dada can come back to what it once was.



Photo from the El Cortez




Photo from the Town House Motor Lodge



Photo from the Keno Motel



Photo from the El Ray Motel



Photo from the Morris Burner Hotel



Photo from the Wildflower Village Motel



From a personal perspective, I would love to see Nada Dada has come back to what it once was. I have such fond memories of wandering around from room to room with excitement of what might be around the next corner as well as memories of participating.


I call out to the artist and organizers to come together over this coming year and make an effort to bring back the Nada Dada of old.

Here is a slide show with many wonderful images capturing my experience this year..

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    NadaDada 2015
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  • IMG_3765


I hope you did have a chance to go and check out the rooms this weekend and remember next year there is a very good chance that you will be able to see a bit of Pure Reno Art.

A note on the photography

All images taken and edited on an I Phone 6+. I truly enjoy the freedom from heavy cameras and lenses. That being said; there certainly is a place for high resolution equipment. More on that later.

Written by Dana Nöllsch
Photos by Dana Nöllsch

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