Reno Little Theater, Clybourne Park

What is it that makes a home?

What is it that identifies a community?


Reno Little Theater presents Clybourne Park. This is a play that looks at a time in a neighborhood from two perspectives separated by 50 years. In this snapshot of two distinct times we see the question asked “What is it that Identifies a Community?” The common thread of a house and family ties bring continuity to the story.


IMG_5589This was my first time enjoying a performance in the Reno Little Theater; producing theater since 1935 Reno Little Theater is indeed a cultural mainstay in our city. Over the decades, this theater has seen many venues come and go, and now they find themselves in a beautiful facility, and intimate yet spacious Black Box Theater just off of Wells Avenue.


IMG_5564This production of Clybourne Park is very well produced and acted. There are times when we can feel the desperation for control from the characters so deep, we can sympathize with how they see their community changing around them and how that is perceived. This shows up in the form of race and affluence.


IMG_5562There are times when this play is far from politically correct, but takes on these subjects with transparency and fairness. The actors bring these emotional elements to the audience in a very nonjudgmental way. There is some rough language and uncomfortable situations.


IMG_5582There are a few laughs from time to time in this overall very serious offering. Did I feel that this play is a political commentary? No, I don’t think so, I found this play to be very balanced and open about some difficult subjects to talk about. And hopefully we will talk.


IMG_5635I enjoyed the actor’s portraits and how the two distinct acts separated the years. Most of the actors play two distinct characters; this showcases the actor’s depth and abilities. During intermission you may not want to go to the lobby, but stay in your seats and enjoy the intricate set change.


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    Clybourne Park
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IMG_5511Written by

  • Bruce Norris

Directed by

The cast

Opening May 29 and running through June 14

For more information go to Reno Little Theater’s website

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