Shiner at Good Luck Macbeth

Do you remember an impactful moment from your youth?

As a young adult did you ever feel lost?


Attending last night’s premier of Shiner was certainly an intense experience. Pulling no punches; this play explores two young people searching for an identity. Set with the background of grunge music and attitude this is an intensely stylized experience.

Shiner Play 1

I was amazed that the energy in this two actor play.  Kate Atack and Patrick John Kiernan are certainly fully committed to their roles and indeed it is very obvious that they bring 110% to the characters that they play. Sitting in the audience, I felt the emotions: the anger and lost feelings that these characters portrayed, also the love and caring that they have for each other stirred emotional tears for some of the audience members.


Shiner play 2Shiner was written by Christian Durso and in one simple word this play is truly “Brilliant”. Showing the audience how easily it is for lost youth to descend into darkness. This play is not for the faint of heart and touches on so me very hard subjects such as suicide, drug use, and lost youth. All of this done in a way that brings the audience freely to laughter and at the same time,  perhaps evokes memories of their youth as well.


IMG_3930The sets and production flowed flawlessly. Music of the era of grunge anchored by the story of Kurt Cobain’s last few months brought the audience the feeling of the time. The scenes flowed seamlessly with costume changes silhouetted for the audience to be part of.



From time to time I had to pull back my thoughts to the age of the characters being portrayed. This made me think about how quickly we expect our children to grow up, especially when parents at times have no resources left in their busy lives to guide their children.

This was an intense experience for me, entertaining and funny and very impressive.


This high-energy play was directed by Bill Ware, and it showed that with his guidance and a remarkable cast and crew a truly powerful piece of theater was created.


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