The Full Monty -The complete package, Brüka Theater

Have you been brave enough to go all the way?

Are you ready to see those who are?


You may think that the title of this blog is tongue-in-cheek and perhaps it is just a bit, but the truth is this show is the complete package.  Wonderfully produced, Brüka’s offering of The Full Monty is easy to enjoy and high energy. Brüka has consistently set the standard for local Reno Theater; this show raises that bar just a bit higher.



The first thing you notice is the complex and ambitious set, Brüka has always done well with the space that they have built for this production of The Full Monty they have pulled out all the stops. A marvelous band suspended above the audience and a set as intricate as a transformer come together to provide an environment to showcase the performance.


The music provided by a very tight band and wonderful vocals makes this a must see musical, even if you may not be fond of musicals. The band is suspended above the audience in a way that allows the stage to be fully utilized, and utilize the stage they do.



The performers are top-notch and bringing and enthusiasm that is contagious. Subtlety funny and very entertaining; the actors provide a tight and smooth performance.  John Frederick heads up the cast and brings his many performing talents to bear.



Most of us know the plot from the movie or perhaps from seeing the stage play. Even though the story centers on male strippers and their enthusiastic female audience, the show is more about friendship, family, and community. Brüka’s production of The Full Monty certainly is all about those aspects, but don’t be misled, if you go expecting to see the full monty you will not be disappointed.



Directed by Androo Allen with musical direction by Tony Degeiso and a cast of twenty performers as well as a band numbering twelve with the help of Dave Simpson with lighting and sound and stage management by Mona Young and a tireless crew have come together to create one of the  must see shows of this season. I am always impressed by the professionalism and talent in Reno Theater, come and see The Full Monty and you will see what I mean.


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    The Full Monty
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This is a 17 and over show containing adult subjects and brief nudity..

This show runs

  • JUNE 26, 27 @ 8 PM
  • JULY 2, 3, 8***, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 @ 8 PM
  • AUGUST 1 @ 8 PM
  • Sunday Matinees ~ JULY 12 & 19 – With Company Talkback @ 2 PM
  • *** = Wednesday July 8th is Artist Night.  $10 for Artists & Teachers

For more information, visit their website and like them on Facebook.

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