The Potentialist Workshop, Eddy Hempseed


Can you picture a group of very creative friends passing the bong and writing a play?
After seeing Eddie Hempseed Saves America you will.

IMG_6207A few days ago I went to the Potentialist Workshop and saw Eddy Hempseed Saves America. Having little idea of what I was in for but having a good understanding of what the Potentialist Workshop is about, I walked in the doors ready for just about anything.

IMG_6229What struck me about Eddy Hempseed Saves America is that it is a much less experimental than what I have seen previously at the Potentialist Workshop. What it lacks in experimentation it definitely makes up for in a very sharp political view. Make no mistake that that the political views in this play are presented unapologetically and with a very strong agenda.

IMG_6225This is a story of Eddy and his adventures spreading hemp in America. Imaginative
and fanciful and as you would guess there is a happy ending but not without opposition.
The music was very good and the guitar player and the bass player (who also wrote the play) not only performed with the band but acted as well. This I found interesting and entertaining, and all of the actors definitely showed a passion for the project.

IMG_6176There are some history lessons offered in this play, albeit they play fast and loose with the hard facts in an entertaining way.
I saw this play on preview night and the seats were filled with people who definitely were excited to see the story of Eddy Hempseed. And I found that I was entertained and left asking myself a few questions of the political sort as I left.

IMG_6237When you go see this play remember this is the time to suspend your disbelief and let go of any political agendas you may have so you can fully enjoy what is offered. And remember just to have fun without expectations, this is definitely an amateur production with a lot of heart and passion (and quite a bit of hemp as well I think).

Eddy Hempseed opens on the Saturday June 13 and runs through June 19.

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    Eddie Hempseed
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