The Potentialist Workshop; He Said She Said: A Horror Ballet!

Are you ready to let go of convention?

Does surreal appeal?


It’s a Friday night and I drive to Dickerson Road, to see the theater group The Potentialist Workshop and their original production: He Said She Said: A Horror Ballet! The Dickerson Road area is unique in Reno as there are many artists who have studios and many group studios as well. This is definitely a place to experience if you have any interest in where Art is going in Reno. IMG_1995 IMG_2002 As I drove to the venue I noticed the industrial feel of this area, lots of machinery in different states of disrepair sitting out in front of old warehouses and shops. This adds to the feeling of creation and brings the desire to know what is being created inside of those buildings. Walking into the Potentialist Theater I find an old warehouse painted black with theater seats on risers on one side, and for tonight a blank stage on the other. The first two rows of seats are covered in plastic denoting “the splatter zone”. I was greeted by Pan Pantoja; the creative mastermind of this group. His smile and welcoming words brought a smile to my face. IMG_2011 IMG_2027 IMG_2033 The show was definitely experimental, and did not necessarily tell you the whole story of what you were seeing leaving you to make your own decisions on what the experience meant. The play took place in darkness, or just about darkness and there was dancing and some dialogue, just enough dialogue to give you a hint of what the story was about. This was about the duality of male and female that is within all of us and how that manifests in our outward actions and how it is influenced by our life experiences. Or the least this is what I got out of it. IMG_2042 IMG_2045 Watching this play brought me to a place of reflection on what I was seeing. Knowing that there was a deeper message somewhere in the spectacle and looking for that, knowing that perhaps my message would be different than what others who see the play would receive. Remember that this is experimental; it was obvious that there was not a lot of resources put into the experience. This being said, there were definitely some highlights, the live music was inspired and very fitting for the visuals that we were offered. The actors definitely fell into their roles and were very impressive. IMG_2068 IMG_2070 IMG_2081 I walked away feeling less perplexed than I thought I would, finding my own understanding of what I just witnessed. Not taking it too seriously, I believe I was able to experience without the need to be fed an easy story and finding a place of looking deeper into my experience. IMG_2100 IMG_2110 IMG_2120 The Potentialist Theater is a place for experimentation and is an opening creative space for anyone with an idea for a production or the desire to be on stage. IMG_2124 For more information here is a link to their Facebook page.. ~Dana Nöllsch~

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