The Utility Players, Reno’s Improv Players


It is a Saturday night; a very busy night in Reno. We are headed to the Sands to enjoy the Utility Players. This is fast becoming a Reno entertainment staple.


The Utility Players have performed since January of 2009 and now they are in their ninth season as an improv group.


The master of ceremonies is Jessica “The-Jester” Levity. She is a creative and powerful personality with quite the infectious laugh. With her trusty bell she keeps her troupe in control, well just.


The Jester’s Theater; where the Utility Players perform,  is small and intimate; if not just a bit sparse. There is a small stage and a few decorations, but remember it is not about the place, it is about the entertainment, and entertained you will be.

IMG_3087 IMG_3101

As the music starts and the players come out one by one you feel the energy amp up in the room until all the players are on stage and ready to be creative.

IMG_3270 IMG_3129

The show was fast paced, laced with audience participation, and at times indeed a bit risqué.


Be prepared to be asked to be on stage for some light-hearted fun. This is one of the fun audience participation pieces.

IMG_3235 IMG_3225  IMG_3153 IMG_3183

Going from one scene to the next seamlessly and always finding a unique edge. The players are very rarely at a loss for a quip or a comeback.


No matter how many times you see them you will always find that unique edge that great improvisational creativity will bring. You can see the passion the players have for their art and the deep relationships they have built with each other over the years.


After the show they will invite the audience members to come up and put a one-liner on their season board.


You will find the creativity of the players to be awe inspiring, and you will find it to be infectious as well. Walking out of the room you may find yourself in a silly mood.


The Utility Players are definitely a must see. Their ninth season runs through June 2015.  You can find them every Saturday night at the Sands in the Jesters Show Room.

For more information go to their website..