What happens before the “Last Call At The Old Southwest”

Where do you fit in?

Where is it that you call home?


These questions transcend more than just sexual proclivities; there is the desire for acceptance and camaraderie in all of us as we explore this gift of life.



The Last Call At The Old Southwest explores the Gay bar scene over a 20 year expanse, centering around a gay man and begins with his coming out to his family and finding a home at the old Southwest bar. In this place he finds a community that feels comfortable for him, the community headed up by a charismatic drag queen who owns the bar. This is the place where they commiserate, play, and support one another.



Exploring the changes in the gay bar scene, touching on the AIDS crisis, the change in the economic viability of gay bars this is an emotional and touching memory for many who experienced this culture first hand.  Through the years we see how each of the characters gets involved in the struggle for acceptance and freedom as they support the battle for gay rights in the United States. Ultimately, as the relentless passing of time takes its toll we come to a place where the old Southwest serves its last call and close the doors.



For me this was a very interesting glimpse into a community that I have never had a full understanding of but always an attraction to. Witnessing; through the writing and acting, the vulnerability of the individuals and the community indeed stirred emotions and empathy.



This is Christopher Daniels first time writing a play, Here Chris shares his thoughts



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    Last Call at the Old Southwest
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Running from July 3rd through August 1st at Good Luck Macbeth; this is certainly a thought provoking and entertaining play, well written and well-acted with passion and humanity.


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