“The Eight: Reindeer Monologues” at Good Luck Macbeth

Wickedly topical and thought-provoking

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues were written by Jeff Goode and first performed in 1994. The story is eerily timely in the feel and the content of the headlines today.

“The Eight: Reindeer Monologues“ take us into the controversy when Santa’s reindeer start talking about what it has been like to work for Santa. Trust me; these stories are not for the weak of heart.

The cast is absolutely brilliant portraying the passion and devastation that comes from such an event. I cannot think of better casting choices for this powerful play.

Each of the monologues held me spellbound. This play is not for children! Not at all for children, and if you still believe in Santa you may want to think twice about seeing “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues”. But if you are looking for a thought-provoking and sometimes funny look at a story that could be taken out of today’s headlines you should go see this play. When I say “sometimes funny” I mean the kind of laugh that breaks that very uncomfortable moment.

  • "The Eight: Reindeer Monologues" at Good Luck Macbeth

I found that the other audience members were in some deep conversation after the play, conversation will bring a deeper understanding of the painfully necessary transformation our culture is going through at this dramatic time in history.

“The Eight: Reindeer Monologues” are tops in the entertainment scale.

“The Eight: Reindeer Monologues” play through December 23rd.

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