Buttcracker 8 – The BIGGEST little Buttcracker In The World

Once again Bruka Theater offers up a holiday treat “Buttcracker 8 – The BIGGEST little Buttcracker In The World”.

This is a Reno Holiday staple offering up many laughs as the performers dance their way through the historical history of Reno.

If you have seen any of the past performances of “Buttcracker”  then you know what I am talking about when I tell you of the cheeky take on the holiday favorite “Nutcracker” offered by Bruka.

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will see at “Buttcracker 8 – The BIGGEST little Buttcracker In The World”
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Dancing by the River, Sierra Nevada Ballet

Have you been entertained by the pure drama of dance?

Are you ready to lose yourself witnessing a performance?



While attending rehearsals for the Sierra Nevada Ballet; I had the pleasure of a a sneak peek of their performance of DANCING BY THE RIVER Tuesday night, July 14th at 8pm at Wingfield Park. Sierra Nevada Ballet director Rosine Bena and her dancers, choreographers and technical crew have been busy rehearsing and getting ready for this Artown Event



Witnessing the dedication and passion these performers exhibit is truly inspiring. One cannot help but feel that when the performers are on stage they are truly at home. The attention to detail and care in the performance truly showed as I watched them rehearse.



What to expect when you see the performance Tuesday? The performers will be offering bits and pieces of many different works. This will give a variety of many different forms of dance and offer much entertainment. The action is fast and the energetic.



The costuming is energetic, the drama intense and there will be sword fighting as well. We will be treated to a few scenes from Romeo and Juliet presented from the point of view of Lady Capulet, Juliet’s heartbroken and often overlooked mother.



Ballet; wordless and powerful. What has struck me is just that, the power of the dance, but even more the power of the performance. The performers use their bodies, rhythm, emotions, and expression to convey the story in a way that may not be possible with dialog.

  • IMG_8522

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  • IMG_8722

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  • IMG_8788

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  • IMG_8845

  • IMG_8856

  • IMG_8906

  • IMG_8908

  • IMG_8948
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  • IMG_8999
  • IMG_9023
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For more information on The Sierra Nevada Ballet visit their website and like them on Facebook

###Sierra Nevada Ballet website###

###Sierra Nevada Ballet Facebook###

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What happens before the “Last Call At The Old Southwest”

Where do you fit in?

Where is it that you call home?


These questions transcend more than just sexual proclivities; there is the desire for acceptance and camaraderie in all of us as we explore this gift of life.



The Last Call At The Old Southwest explores the Gay bar scene over a 20 year expanse, centering around a gay man and begins with his coming out to his family and finding a home at the old Southwest bar. In this place he finds a community that feels comfortable for him, the community headed up by a charismatic drag queen who owns the bar. This is the place where they commiserate, play, and support one another. Continue reading “What happens before the “Last Call At The Old Southwest””

The Full Monty -The complete package, Brüka Theater

Have you been brave enough to go all the way?

Are you ready to see those who are?


You may think that the title of this blog is tongue-in-cheek and perhaps it is just a bit, but the truth is this show is the complete package.  Wonderfully produced, Brüka’s offering of The Full Monty is easy to enjoy and high energy. Brüka has consistently set the standard for local Reno Theater; this show raises that bar just a bit higher.



The first thing you notice is the complex and ambitious set, Brüka has always done well with the space that they have built for this production of The Full Monty they have pulled out all the stops. A marvelous band suspended above the audience and a set as intricate as a transformer come together to provide an environment to showcase the performance. Continue reading “The Full Monty -The complete package, Brüka Theater”

Nada Dada 2015, Slowing But Not Done

What inspires you as an artist?

What art inspires you?



For nine years Nada Dada has graced Reno. “Get a Room, Make a Show” has been the motto and that means show what you have, no jury and very few rules. Taking place in Motels in what may be questionable parts of Reno brings an excitement to this creative event. This proved to be a successful model for a time, attracting thousands of visitors and hundreds of artists. Continue reading “Nada Dada 2015, Slowing But Not Done”