Light, Shadow, Performance and Audience


I had the pleasure of photographing a performance by Beats Antiques.. as I was enjoying the performance I noticed the show from the audience. 
This photo I particularly love, the Light, the Shadow, the Performer and especially the audience.

Keep your eyes and keep your heart open to see what is around you my friends..

Looking Forward and Looking Back


I certainly am not one that takes the time and energy to look back very often but I do find myself doing just that. With the recent changes I am (with the help of some very good friends) revamping my web site. This means looking at my recent work and choosing just what I wish to showcase. I have to say looking back has brought a smile to my face and at times my heart to skip a beat.

With a new appreciation I take the time to look back with a smile on my face!

The magic of Two People coming together for a lifetime,,

Of Darkness.. Of Light


What you are you should not neglect. I neglected my true self and gave into what was expected of me.

Grow up! Get a job and give yourself away for but a few dollars.. this is what I did.. for a bit.

Every day I knew my energy was wasted.. well maybe not truly wasted but not truly given to the right place.

Now I will Channel my energy to my true self..

I am Light

I am Dark

I am a Photographer!!