The Full Monty -The complete package, Brüka Theater

Have you been brave enough to go all the way?

Are you ready to see those who are?


You may think that the title of this blog is tongue-in-cheek and perhaps it is just a bit, but the truth is this show is the complete package.  Wonderfully produced, Brüka’s offering of The Full Monty is easy to enjoy and high energy. Brüka has consistently set the standard for local Reno Theater; this show raises that bar just a bit higher.



The first thing you notice is the complex and ambitious set, Brüka has always done well with the space that they have built for this production of The Full Monty they have pulled out all the stops. A marvelous band suspended above the audience and a set as intricate as a transformer come together to provide an environment to showcase the performance. Continue reading “The Full Monty -The complete package, Brüka Theater”

Good People at Brüka Theater

Do you have a lost love that crosses your mind from time to time?
Have you ever wondered about the road not traveled?

IMG_3787   My story starts out on a cold and rainy night, wait that is a bit cliché isn’t it? Well, that is what happened as I went to see Good People at the Brüka Theater for their media night performance. A soft rain accompanied me as I walked to the theater, cleansing my emotions and opening me for what I was about to experience. Continue reading “Good People at Brüka Theater”