Shooting Aggressively


In many situations to get the shot a photographer has no choice but to be aggressive but where do you draw the line?
Today I was shooting a graduation and my choice was to take liberties and perhaps disturb a few people in the audience. I was there to shoot just one graduate so I was able to be patient and stay back and wait for my time.

The Prime shooting location was obviously just for OFFICIAL shooters so I knew that was where I needed to be and luckily only for a few minutes. So getting close and crouching low I bided my time and luckily it all worked out. Kiley came up next in line and I moved it as if that was where I belonged pre focused and when she came up to get her diploma I was ready and got exactly what I wanted. Then as quickly as I went in I moved out quietly and all was good.

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Light, Shadow, Performance and Audience


I had the pleasure of photographing a performance by Beats Antiques.. as I was enjoying the performance I noticed the show from the audience. 
This photo I particularly love, the Light, the Shadow, the Performer and especially the audience.

Keep your eyes and keep your heart open to see what is around you my friends..