Laughing Owl Productions, Endgame

Have you ever wanted to exercise your existential mind?

Do you enjoy the questions more than the answers?


IMG_4617A few nights ago I had the privilege of attending the first production at Laughing Owl Productions. This is a small theater on Wells Avenue, and is the brainchild of Dave Anderson. Dave with the help of many others intend to produce plays that rely mainly on the spoken word. This small plain venue lends itself to simple sets that focus the attention on the acting and the words. Continue reading “Laughing Owl Productions, Endgame”

Alchemist Theatre, Divine Feminine

Do you consider yourself spiritual?

How does your spirituality show up in your daily life?


The Alchemist Theater is a group of spiritual people, coming together to create a safe space to share energy and explore some of the challenges and gifts this life offers. Founded by Jessica the Jester Levity as a place to express her desire to celebrate the spiritual community, her monthly message is profound and entertaining. Adding the musical elements is Mark Emerson with his full band and choir, writing and arranging original music as well as bringing in music that is well known and loved, his angelic voice and inspirational band give the performance a flow and continuity. Reverend Divine (Christopher Daniels) rounds out the three principles of the Alchemist Theater, his energy and deep spirituality bring a punch to the message, this Mumu wearing, ginger haired, yoga teaching, flamboyant gay man is a delight with a deep spiritual message. Continue reading “Alchemist Theatre, Divine Feminine”

Fascination with faces..

I am so fascinated with faces and the emotion that comes with the beauty of a face that at times I find myself lost in a face, just looking and taking in the subtle changes as that person talks, the history of each wrinkle and scar and the depth of the soul reflected in the eyes.

I had the pleasure yesterday to photograph a salon and the great people who work there.. During the preparation the owner of Salon 7, Jenny O was having me take a simple shot to check and see how the make up was looking in the camera. While I was taking these simple shots I found my adrenaline flow, excited at the faces in my viewfinder. As the people passed one by one I told them the same thing.. “Look into the lens and show no emotion” the results are fascinating!

Continue reading “Fascination with faces..”