Nada Dada 2015, Slowing But Not Done

What inspires you as an artist?

What art inspires you?



For nine years Nada Dada has graced Reno. “Get a Room, Make a Show” has been the motto and that means show what you have, no jury and very few rules. Taking place in Motels in what may be questionable parts of Reno brings an excitement to this creative event. This proved to be a successful model for a time, attracting thousands of visitors and hundreds of artists. Continue reading “Nada Dada 2015, Slowing But Not Done”

Laughing Owl Productions, Endgame

Have you ever wanted to exercise your existential mind?

Do you enjoy the questions more than the answers?


IMG_4617A few nights ago I had the privilege of attending the first production at Laughing Owl Productions. This is a small theater on Wells Avenue, and is the brainchild of Dave Anderson. Dave with the help of many others intend to produce plays that rely mainly on the spoken word. This small plain venue lends itself to simple sets that focus the attention on the acting and the words. Continue reading “Laughing Owl Productions, Endgame”

Alchemist Theatre, Divine Feminine

Do you consider yourself spiritual?

How does your spirituality show up in your daily life?


The Alchemist Theater is a group of spiritual people, coming together to create a safe space to share energy and explore some of the challenges and gifts this life offers. Founded by Jessica the Jester Levity as a place to express her desire to celebrate the spiritual community, her monthly message is profound and entertaining. Adding the musical elements is Mark Emerson with his full band and choir, writing and arranging original music as well as bringing in music that is well known and loved, his angelic voice and inspirational band give the performance a flow and continuity. Reverend Divine (Christopher Daniels) rounds out the three principles of the Alchemist Theater, his energy and deep spirituality bring a punch to the message, this Mumu wearing, ginger haired, yoga teaching, flamboyant gay man is a delight with a deep spiritual message. Continue reading “Alchemist Theatre, Divine Feminine”

The Moment of Tension


When capturing moments it is your choice as to which moment to capture. Not all moments are created equal and to know the difference is a skill that needs to be honed.

Observing the rhythm of the scene, be it a concert, a play, a wedding or pretty much any event is key in finding that split second of tension. Watching the players with intent will help in anticipating what will come. You can look through the view finder and focus on one part of the action but you will risk losing the moments you will not see out of your line of sight. Putting the camera down on occasion to see what the entire scene looks like is a good start, as well as resisting the urge to chimp.

Feel the rhythm my friends..

Photography is seeing the reality, manipulating the variables and creating your vision.


Photography is seeing the reality, manipulating the variables and finishing your vision.

Open your eyes, really see the world around you, see with your eyes and your soul.

Manipulate the variables, the mechanics of the camera, the variables of what you see and what you feel.

Finish your vision, the treatment (color B&W ect.), post or print.

Hide in plain site..

Follow your heart my friends ,,